5 BEST Midori Liqueur Substitutes in Recipes

Have you heard of Midori Liqueur? This naturally green-colored liqueur is relatively sweet, making it a popular choice for drinks and cocktails.

But did you know that you can actually use it to add an interesting twist to many recipes like martinis or baked goods? It’s not difficult either: simply substitute the liquid required in the recipe with Midori Liqueur.

If you don’t have any on hand or would like an alternative, there are five great substitutes for Midori Liqueur, such as Bols, De Kuyper, and Amaretto.

Let’s take a look at them in a bit more detail.

What is Midori Liqueur?

Midori is a melon-based liqueur created in 1978 in Japan by the Suntory Company utilizing specially developed Yubari King melons.

It has quickly risen to be one of the most popular liqueurs around the globe, delighting people’s palates.

With a mid-range sweetness and notable notes of honeydew, Midori offers an exotic flavor with a unique herbaceous character without being overly sweet, thanks to its use of honeydew melon.

If you want to get adventurous with your cocktails, Midori works great as a base for many recipes.

Use it creatively by pairing it with sweet juices like mango or pineapple, and enhance its flavor even further by adding lime juice, Soda Water, or Prosecco.

Similarly, you can surprise all your guests by mixing Midori with whiskey, vodka, or tequila.

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As always, experiment until you find the right combination that suits your taste buds.

5 BEST Midori Liqueur Substitutes in Recipes

If you’ve ever been in a pinch when creating recipes that require Midori liqueur, then you know just how exasperating the task can be.

A unique, sweet-tart taste provides the perfect balance for many mixed drinks and cocktails — making it an essential ingredient in certain dishes.

And while not all of us have access to Midori liqueur, there are, thankfully, some decent substitutes that can be used.

Here’s a list of the five best Midori liqueur substitutes in recipes:

1 – Bols

Bols is a range of liqueurs that adds a delightful twist to cocktail recipes.

Available in various flavors, such as triple sec and peach, it amplifies the sweetness in a drink.

It has a semi-thick syrup-like texture, which makes it ideal for use as an ingredient in cocktails.

If you can’t seem to get your hands on Midori, don’t worry — Bols can make a great substitute.

It has a slight lime flavor with hints of sweet melon and apricot, which gives drinks an interesting zesty edge, perfect for creating unique recipes.

With its versatility and relatively low alcohol content, it won’t overpower the other elements of your drink.

Bols is great for spritzes, daiquiris, and martinis alike.

So if you ever find yourself out of Midori, look no further than Bols.

2 – De Kuyper

De Kuyper is a traditional Dutch liqueur that has been satisfying taste buds for generations.

Made of high-quality fruit like cranberries, currants, raspberries, and blackberries, the sweet yet tart flavor of the liqueur gives it a unique twist.

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It is not only smooth on the tongue but also offers notes of vanilla and jasmine, which make it an exceedingly balanced drink.

An interesting aspect of De Kuyper is its use as a substitute for Midori in cocktails and other recipes, allowing you to experiment with unexpected flavors.

Whether as an after-dinner digestif or in a gourmet cocktail recipe, you are sure to be delighted by this classic Dutch Liqueur.

3 – Amaretto

Amaretto is an Italian liqueur made from almonds, brandy, and other ingredients like alcohol, sugar, and flavors.

Its unique aroma is derived from the distinctive almond-like seed oil called amygdalin.

It has a great deal of versatility in its taste; the sweetness can range from smooth and syrupy to sharp and bitter.

The texture is smooth, warm, and thick but with a faint hint of warmth.

Its use can range from mixing it with lemonade or orange juice to drizzling it over ice cream as a lovely evening treat.

It has a similar flavor profile to Midori, so could be substituted in recipes such as martinis for an exciting flavor twist.

4 – Potter’s Melon Liqueur

Potter’s Melon Liqueur has been a favorite spirit to food enthusiasts for its delightful fruity flavor and velvety texture.

Its special blend of exotic melons contributes different aromas and hints of sweetness that create an ultra-satisfying drink.

While this liqueur can be enjoyed by itself, it makes the perfect substitute for Midori in all sorts of recipes.

The sophisticated, light bitter notes make Potter’s Melon Liqueur a great choice for cocktails, mocktails, and even desserts.

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For example, one can replace typical melon liqueur with this unique variant in order to elevate a variety of dishes and bring about new complex layers of flavor.

5 – Still Spirits Liqueur

Still, Spirits Liqueur is an impressive new development in the world of alcoholic drinks.

Unlike its taste-alike counterpart Midori, this liqueur has a much milder taste and a creamy texture.

Its subtle sweetness allows it to be used in many recipes without overwhelming the other flavors.

For example, Still, Spirits Liqueur can be used as a substitute for Midori when making margarita shooters or ice cream cocktails.

Its gentle flavor will blend perfectly with tequila and other mixers while still having enough body to provide an interesting twist to everyday drinks.

When you’re looking for a unique flavor that won’t overpower your favorite recipes, Still Spirits Liqueur should definitely be on your list of ingredients.


In conclusion, Midori Liqueur is an excellent ingredient for creating unique recipes, but it can be hard to find.

Luckily, there are several great options for substitutes that will provide similar flavor profiles and versatility in cocktails, mocktails, and more.

Bols, De Kuyper, Amaretto, Potter’s Melon Liqueur, and Still Spirits are all excellent choices for substituting Midori in recipes.

With a bit of experimentation and creativity, you can create drinks and dishes that taste just as delicious.

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